Libro gratis: The heritage
de Jesús Quintanilla Osorio.

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Heritage, friends, peace, christmas day


The heritage

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Fragmento de «The heritage»

Pasarel had last year at a home for destitute, when the mother of his parent, he drove to the house to find a successful robbery near to the family home.

"They're good for nothing slobs, boys, and must scoot sooner! "

Obviously, the reaction was so hard, because there was something more involved.

His father had bequeathed a large sum, provided to remain at home until 21. Taking Santín 17 and

Other 20, the proximity of his inheritance, made his eyes shine wicked grandmother, Doña

Prosperous very recalcitrant in its apparent He promised to take care of him until his death ...

"Do not worry Santin, and find a good pension to live the rest of our days ... When it runs out money, there is always rich houses to steal "

And since then, lived dedicated to the "business" with a master such that the Parisian police ignored his MO by the perfection of their "work".

Habíanse made several hundred francs and suspended its activities until the Cline family jewels again attracted them like bees to honey.

4 págs. / 8 minutos.
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Publicado el 11 de octubre de 2022 por Jesús Quintanilla Osorio.


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